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Trump regretfully informs NY prosecutor all existing tax records were stored in Trump Plaza

Atlantic City, NJ - Less than 24 hours after the Supreme Court ruled that former President Trump must turn over his tax records to New York prosecutors, the investigation hit another snag.

Trump's attorney regretfully informed investigators on Tuesday that all existing tax records were stored in the recently imploded Atlantic City Trump Plaza.

A Trump spokesperson said, "We're sad to report that all existing tax records for Mr. Trump went down with Trump Plaza. Unfortunately, there were no backups or digital copies. I guess they can close the case. Bummer."

The spokesperson went on to say that it was an honest mistake and in no way an "extremely clever" attempt to obstruct the ongoing investigation.

"We're as disappointed as they are. Mr. Trump really wanted to help out. There's just nothing left," said Trump's attorney.

He welcomed investigators to search the rubble themselves, sharing that the files were last seen in a storage closet on the 8th floor, next to the snack machine.

The New York District Attorney has yet to respond.

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