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Trump revokes pardon for turkey after learning bird voted for Biden

Washington, DC - According to reports, President Trump revoked his pardon for Corn the turkey on Tuesday just hours after he bestowed the reprieve on the 42-pound bird. Sources say the president grew angry when he learned the bird voted for Biden in the 2020 election.

Several aides say they saw the president in the White House kitchen berating the turkey in the oven.

"Why'd you have to vote for Sleepy Joe? He's going to destroy the country. It didn't have to be this way.'re fired," Trump reportedly told the flaming turkey.

Trump watched the bird cook for fifteen more minutes before heading to his residence to watch Newsmax and post some angry tweets.

A second turkey, Cob, was also pardoned on Tuesday. It is unclear who Cob voted for in the election, but he has not been seen since Tuesday afternoon.

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