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Trump supporter rushed to hospital for neck injury after nodding nonstop through town hall

Miami, FL - An unidentified Trump supporter was rushed to the hospital for a neck injury on Thursday night after nodding incessantly through the president's town hall.

Political analysts say the audience member, randomly positioned directly behind the president, nodded her approval 3,652 times over the 60-minute event. Sometimes, before the president even made a point.

Hospital officials could not elaborate on the patient's condition but say she is doing well under the circumstances.

"I can't go into details, but I can tell you that that much intense head motion is bound to cause trauma," said a hospital representative. "Overall, she is doing well. She's very lucky."

Inside sources say President Trump personally called the patient to thank her for her support and offer her front row seats to the next debate on October 22.

She enthusiastically accepted with a nod.

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