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Trump tricked into saying he lost election by prank caller, 'Heewan Ikonseed'

Washington, DC - According to sources, President Trump was tricked into saying he lost the election on Sunday by a prank caller who identified himself as "Heewan Ikonseed."

An anonymous White House aide says the caller initially said he was a producer for Sean Hannity which led staff members to transfer the call directly to the president without hesitation.

A transcript of the conversation shows what happened next:

President Trump: Hello.

Caller: Hi President Trump, this is Heewan Ikonseed.

President Trump: Heewan Ikonseed?

Caller: Yes, Heewan Ikonseed. We spoke on the Hannity Show about Biden.

President Trump: Oh yeah, Biden. Heewan Ikonseed.

Caller: Yes, he did. And it's about time you admitted it. See ya.

Caller hangs up.

President Trump: Wait. No. Son of a...

---End Call---

An hour later, the edited audio clip of the president was going viral online and being fact-checked by political watchdogs across the country. All verified that it was indeed Trump, saying, "Biden. He won. I concede."

Trump says the caller sounded a lot like Joe Biden. Rudy Giuliani is investigating.

No one named Heewan Ikonseed could be reached for comment.

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