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Trump vows to ban TikTok after 'Oval Shuffle' dance video fails to go viral

Washington, D.C. - According to sources, President Trump has vowed to ban TikTok after his dance video, The Oval Shuffle, failed to go viral.

Publicly, the White House claims the administration wants to ban the popular app due to links to the Chinese government, but insiders say that Trump is simply retaliating after his hip hop dance video only received 302 views. The video has since been removed.

An anonymous source tells us the president posted the video as an olive branch to the TikTok community after users ghosted him at his Tulsa rally.

"The president sacrificed 18 holes of golf to choreograph that dance and no one watched it. Now, TikTok will feel his wrath," said the source.

Trump's vendetta was fueled even further on Monday after he caught White House interns enjoying one of Joe Biden's popular "Spidenman" TikTok videos.

The interns have already been reassigned to the janitorial staff.

The White House did not return our request for comment.

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