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TV injury lawyer fears bookshelf less impressive after moving library to Kindle

Nashville, TN - If you live in Nashville and watch TV at 3:00 a.m., the chances are good that you have seen ads for personal injury lawyer Bob Dunlap.

For years, the attorney has run commercials, consistently ending with a trademark shot of him standing in front of a massive collection of law books. But after recently transferring his legal library to Kindle, Dunlap fears that his bookshelves may seem less impressive.

According to sources, Dunlop questioned the visual impact of his Kindle library while filming his latest commercial, repeatedly asking the director, "Does it still make me look powerful? Is there a way to make it look more impressive?"

After a lengthy discussion, the film crew agreed to add a few small plants to the shelves to fill some of the empty space.

Dunlop plans to host a focus group later this week to ensure the Kindle library still communicates his steadfast resolve and wisdom.

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