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Unable to find salt, local man peppers sidewalk

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Nashville, TN - Nashville native Bob Williams visited 11 stores on Sunday, desperate to find rock salt for his sidewalks and driveway. After five hours of searching, he gave up and decided to get creative.

According to reports, Williams purchased over 200 lbs of black pepper from a local supermarket. He proceeded to pepper his sidewalk throughout Sunday evening, just before the winter storm moved in.

By Monday morning, the wind had blown most of the pepper away. Undeterred, Williams used his remaining 100 lbs of pepper to cover his property a second time.

At the time of this printing, it is unclear if the pepper has melted the ice, but Williams has one more trick up his sleeve if needed.

"I'm going to give until about 3:00 p.m. to work its magic," said Williams. "If I don't see any improvement by then, I'm going to try the hot sauce."

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