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Unemployed man with $20M winning lottery ticket trying to find time to claim prize

An unemployed Tennessee man who won $20 million in last week's lottery says he's trying to find time to claim the prize.

The anonymous winner reportedly told a friend, "I know I need to cash it in, but I've been really busy. I'm going to try to get around to it in the next week or so."

He explained that between looking for a job, watching the Predators, and his bowling league, he hasn't had time to drive down to the store.

"I haven't even watched Episode 3 of Moon Knight yet. It's been crazy," he said.

The friend urged him not to share that he is holding the winning ticket for his safety. But the winner reportedly told her, "I'm not worried. They would have to know I live at 124 Bartshart Drive in Pegram, TN, that a key is under the mat, and the ticket is under the couch. I don't see that happening."

This is a developing story.

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