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Utah hiker stalked by cougar for six terrifying minutes

Provo, Utah - A 22-year-old Utah man is breathing easier this morning after surviving a terrifying encounter with a cougar on a trail in Slate Canyon.

Kevin Burger was hiking on Wednesday when the cougar snuck up behind him from a wooded area along the path. He immediately began back-walking away but the cougar aggressively followed him, lunging at times.

Burger says his superior survival instinct told him to pull out his cell phone and film the six-minute encounter.

In the video, Burger can be heard trying to reason with the cougar, "Go away! Please, go away. I'm big and scary." 

The cougar persisted and followed him for a quarter-mile before finally retreating into the tree line.

The video ends with an exhausted Burger sitting on the ground, speaking to the camera, "Wow, that just happened. Yeah, not going back that way."

Several other young male hikers have shared similar experiences since the video went viral.

Park rangers are looking into the incident.

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