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2nd mysterious monolith discovered in Utah man's living room

Moab, Utah - A Utah man announced on Saturday that he has discovered a 2nd mysterious monolith in the middle of his living room.

"I was watching the news about the one in the desert when I noticed it in the middle of the room. I have no idea how it got there," said Ben Anderson.

Anderson says he is confident that it was not there when he bought the home in 2015 but believes it has been there for a couple of years, at least..

"In hindsight, I remember trying to watch the 2018 Super Bowl, and something was blocking the TV. I guess I just got used to looking around it," Anderson told reporters.

Curious tourists are already lining up outside Ben's home to see the mysterious object. The demand is so great that Anderson is now charging $10 to enter his living room, $5 to take a photo, and t-shirts for $20.

Anderson says 10% of the proceeds go to the American Monolith Society.

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