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Vaccinated man courageously stops wearing second mask while driving alone

Nashville, TN - Kyle Gerber, who recently reached full vaccination, took a step toward normality today when he courageously stopped wearing a second mask while driving alone.

"I realize single-masking is a risk," said Gerber. "But it's time we get back to normal."

Gerber made the spontaneous decision to partially unmask while driving to work on Tuesday and celebrated his new-found freedom by throwing the extra mask out the window.

Unfortunately, a police officer nearby saw the act of littering and pulled him over.

Witnesses say Gerber must have had more masks in his car and was able to double-mask just in time for the officer to approach his window to give him a ticket.

Gerber later told reporters, "I don't care. It was worth it. I didn't mean to litter but it felt great to let it go."

Gerber says his next act of courage is to stop wearing masks at home.

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