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Report: Planting mysterious seeds from China could lead to Giant problems

Nashville, TN - Americans in 27 states, including Tennessee, have reported receiving unsolicited seeds in the mail postmarked from China. Now, U.S. officials are warning people not to plant the seeds or they may face enormous consequences.

U.S. Department of Agriculture representative Jack Spriggins told reporters, “Do not plant these seeds. I implore you. A tiny seed might not sound threatening, but it can lead to Giant problems. Trust me."

Instead, Spriggins urges seed recipients to call their local agriculture department who will come and retrieve them immediately.

The representative also added, "If you have already mistakenly planted them, pull the roots or chop it down immediately. Do whatever you must to bring it down. There is no time to waste."

Sources tell us that there has already been an incident in Texas that is currently being investigated by the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, and Department of Agriculture. No details have been given.

A local Texas described the situation, "We heard this huge crack and then felt the ground shaking. They said it was an earthquake, but I don't know. The military has the area blocked off for miles."

This is a developing story.

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