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Waterskiing baby also skydiver

Nashville, TN - Just days after a video showing a Utah baby waterskiing went viral, we've now learned the six-month-old is also a skydiver.

Critics immediately slammed the parents for the initial skiing video, accusing them of endangering their child for online fame. The parents hit back, saying the baby simply likes extreme sports and their video had nothing to do with trying to grow their XtremeBaby™ following.

"It was just a fun, safe, silly little video," said an attorney for the family. "The family is in no way exploiting their baby to promote their incredibly cool website Now check this out..."

The attorney went on to play a new video of the infant skydiving while the father flies close by in a plane. The clip shows the baby flawlessly deploying the parachute and executing a near-perfect landing.

The video is expected to be posted later today.

Not everyone is criticizing the parents. Joe Minion, the creator of X Games for Infants, said, "That kid's a natural. We need to sign him up, pronto."

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