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Westworld tech caught tweaking Loeffler unit stuck in repeat during GA debate

Atlanta, GA - According to eagle-eyed viewers, a Westworld technician can be spotted on camera tweaking a Loeffler unit stuck in repeat mode during last night's Georgia runoff debate.

One viewer told reporters, "You can see him around the 19:05 minute mark. The cameraman cuts away from Warnock for a split second and you can see a guy making some adjustments."

An anonymous Westworld official confirms that the multi-million dollar unit experienced issues and got caught in its "Radical liberal Raphael Warnock" dialogue loop, as well as its "The president has every right..." scripting.

"The good news is the unit flawlessly executed her backstory program," said one Westworld engineer. "She was born and raised on a farm and grew up working in the fields. She waitressed her way through school and was the first in her family to graduate from college."

The engineer says that despite the unit's corruption, it should hold up through the January 5 election. It will then be upgraded or go into permanent storage, depending on the outcome.

In related news, Westworld stocks opened down on Monday after heavy selling by several unnamed senators.

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