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WHERE’S PAULDO?: Local scam artist writes book to cash in on recent negative publicity

"WHERE'S PAULDO?" book now available

Local scam artist, Paul Aniel, has a new book! And he’s got a deal for you!

On any given day, you will find Paul on the side of a Nashville freeway pretending his car is broken down. When good Samaritans stop to help, he will scam them out of their hard-earned money. This behavior has led Paul to an impressive 100+ arrests.

Recently, Paul has been getting a lot of exposure from Facebook groups like Hip Antioch and Hip Mt. Juliet, as well as a page where users can post Paul’s location each day. Now, Paul wants to cash in on the negative publicity.

“Yeah, I wrote an f-ing book.” Paul told reporters. “I figured if everyone's so damn interested in where I am all the time, then I might as well make a buck or two.” He went on to say that each page of the activity book features illustrations of him pan-handling in different parts of Nashville. Readers have to find him among a crowd of his innocent victims.

When asked if his book is just a rip-off of “Where’s Waldo?,” Paul said, “No, of course not. I should spit in your face. It’s completely original.”

Paul says the new book is currently only available by mail and emphasized repeatedly it is cash-only. He is also generously offering a BOGO special for a limited time. Paul told reporters, "Just send me 20 bucks to my post office box and I promise I will ship the book out within two business days."

In addition to the new activity book, Paul plans to launch a whole line of

WHERE'S PAULDO?™ products including t-shirts, bobble-heads, and beer koozies.

While the Inquisitor Nashville did not see a physical copy of the book to verify it actually exists, Paul assured us that it is real and he can be trusted.


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