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Who knew? TN man notices 'Coke' he's been ordering for years actually called Dr Pepper

Lebanon, TN - A 28-year-old Lebanon native, Brent Craft, made a surprising discovery today when he noticed for the first time that the Coke he has been ordering in restaurants for years is actually called a Dr Pepper.

Craft told reporters, "At first I thought the server gave me the wrong Coke, but it tasted like normal. I guess I just never paid that close attention to the can before. Who knew it was called Dr Pepper."

The owner of the restaurant, Sheila Barnes, said Craft was astounded to learn that there were many types of Cokes with different names and spent nearly a half-hour asking the server questions about Sprite Cokes, Pepsi Cokes, and Mountain Dew Cokes.

Craft turned to social media to share his discovery with the world but was quickly criticized by his Tennessee friends in comments asking him to stop the fake news and practical jokes. One friend wrote, "Real funny, B-dog! Next, you're going to tell me there's more than one kind of Budweiser."

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