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Woman elated to share office birthday party with temp-worker whose birthday isn’t for another week

Next Monday, Cheryl Jacobs will spend her birthday the way she has spent most of her birthdays over the past 38 years, enjoying her favorite chocolate cake with her work family at RJI Office Supplies Inc. (RJIOSI). This year is extra special because Cheryl will not only be celebrating her milestone 60th birthday but will also get to share her party for the first time ever with a recently added temp-to-hire employee named Misti, 23.

Becky Rupert, HR recruiter and head of the fun committee at RJIOSI said, “When I heard Misti’s birthday is only nine days after Cheryl’s, it made perfect sense to combine these two equally special occasions. Both ladies were elated when we announced the decision at our weekly staff meeting.” Cheryl told reporters, “I’m so honored to share the one day a year I get a little appreciation with a complete stranger who is still learning to use the copier. It’s frigging great! I just really hope she doesn’t get fired before the party… and that she likes chocolate cake.”

According to reports from a high-ranking fun committee member, the party will not be serving the traditional chocolate cake but will feature a gluten-free vegan vanilla cake to accommodate Misti’s strict dietary restrictions. In regards to Misti being fired, an unnamed HR recruiter, speaking in confidence, said Misti is expected to be hired permanently in the next week and to replace Cheryl’s position by the end of the month. A going-away party is already being planned by the fun committee. No word yet whether chocolate cake will be served at the event.


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