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World's Greatest Mom 98% sure she's getting another stupid mug this year

Nashville, TN - Sheryl Crawford, better known as World's Greatest Mom among her adult children, is 98% sure she's getting another mug this year for Mother's Day.

"I saw the little box arrive from Amazon. It's definitely another stupid mug, just like last year and the year before," Crawford told reporters.

Records show Crawford has received a World's Greatest Mom mug for six out of the last seven years. On the off-year, she received a one-year subscription for "coffee from around the world."

Crawford said, "Now that was a nice gift...for someone who drinks coffee. I don't drink coffee."

The local mom says the hardest part is pretending she's excited about the mugs over and over. She's already been rehearsing this year's performance for the last couple of weeks.

"I'm probably going to start with an 'Aww, a coffee mug' then go to 'You guys didn't have to get me anything.' Depending on how that goes, I may add a sniffle and a 'That was so sweet.'

Crawford says there is a Zoom call on Sunday morning so everyone can watch her open her gift.

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