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Yentl finally getting sequel; Yentler coming in 2019

Yentl fans around the world are celebrating the announcement that they will finally be getting a long-awaited follow- up to the 1983 film featuring Barbara Streisand. In a press conference earlier this morning, Jake Collins, the studio executive who green-lit the film, said " The wait is over. Yentler is coming in 2019!" He went on to say that the sequel would have even more thrills and action than the original. It is unclear if Barbara Streisand would reprise her role as the action heroine.

The Inquisitor reached out to Collins for more details, but the studio said he was no longer with the company.

Yentl 2: Yentler is scheduled for release on December 20, 2019. That is the same day Lucasfilms plans to release STAR WARS Episode IX. There is no word yet if Lucasfilms will move Episode IX to avoid the tough competition.


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