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Youtube influencer in purgatory hopes new prank video goes viral

Purgatory - PurgaPete, an up-and-coming Youtube prankster in purgatory, dropped his new video on Friday and early engagement suggests that it is going viral.

"I'm up to 8,000 views so far, so it's got some heat," Pete told reporters.

Pete says the video was simple to pull off and only took him a screwdriver and five minutes to switch the eternal destination signs when no one was looking. The rest was just waiting for unsuspecting travelers to choose the wrong escalator and film their reactions.

When asked how he felt about his prank causing people to spend eternity in the wrong place, he said, "Sure, I feel bad. But I got 12,000 views in the last 30 seconds. Besides, half of them are trilled."

According to witnesses, Purgatory Central security discovered the switch after about 20 minutes and quickly repositioned the sign. However, it is unclear how many travelers were impacted by the prank.

At the time of this posting, Pete is being sought for questioning and has been asked to turn himself in on the lower level of the station.

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