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Zack Snyder wants new cut of Justice League to replace Henry Cavill's mustache with Tig Notaro

Hollywood, CA - According to Hollywood insiders, Director Zack Snyder wants to recut Justice League to replace Henry Cavill's mustache with Tig Notaro.

The move comes after Snyder's Army of the Dead found a massive audience on Netflix, in part to the many fan-favorite scenes featuring Notaro.

An agent for Snyder told reporters, "Zack has long felt something was missing from the Henry Cavill scenes in Justice League. After seeing Army, he realized it's Tig. Now, he hopes the Notaro Cut will complete his artistic vision."

If approved, Snyder will use the same visual effects team who digitally inserted Notaro into Army months after Chris D'Elia was cut from the film due to sexual misconduct allegations. The process will reportedly take about six months and cost $10 million.

It is unclear if the length of the new version will exceed the 4-hour, 2-minute runtime of the Snyder Cut, but JL fans are hoping for as much Tig as possible.

Online supporters are already lobbying Warner Bros. to greenlight The Notaro Cut immediately.

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