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Antioch resident busted trying to join Hip Donelson Facebook group

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

DONELSON, TN Steven Butler, 43, of 105 Antioch Pike, was unfriended from the Hip Donelson Facebook page this week when group administrators discovered that he falsified his address to gain coveted acceptance to the page. Initially, Butler’s request to join the 32K member community was granted after he claimed he lived at 105 Donelson Ct. He immediately began posting humorous pictures of his cat, Donny, visiting local Donelson businesses. The photos went viral.

One post caught the eye of graphic designer and Donelson resident, Jeremy Tover. Tover quickly determined that the picture showing Donny visiting Caliber Coffee Co. on Lebanon Pike was fake. Tover said, “When I saw the post I became very suspicious. It was clear the cat had never been there.” After an extensive internet search, Tover found hundreds of pictures of Steven photoshopped in the Donelson area, many times wearing an “I ♥ Donelson” t-shirt. Tover said, “This guy has tried incredibly hard to create the impression he lives here. He’s obsessed with Donelson.” Tover eventually found Butler’s true Antioch address in a recent court filing involving a speeding ticket.

Tover reported his findings to Brenda Philips, the Hip Donelson page administrator. She called an emergency Hip Donelson council meeting where they unanimously agreed to remove Butler from the group. Mrs. Philips told reporters, “We see this sort of thing all the time. People desperately want to be part of this rich community. We are not elitist. All we ask is that you live here.”

When asked for comment, Steven Butler said, “Donny and I plan to appeal the council’s decision and be reinstated immediately. I never meant to lie to the community I love. Yes, it is true my address is in Antioch, but my heart lives in Donelson.”


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