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3 signs that mysterious fireworks tent in your front yard is not an authorized dealer

Nashville, TN - If you are like thousands of Tennesseans who woke up this morning with a mysterious fireworks tent on your front lawn, you may be wondering if it is an authorized pyrotechnics dealer.

We reached out to renowned fireworks retailer Dynomite Dan who offered the top three signs that the fireworks tent on your lawn is not a legitimate reseller.

1. Did the stranger operating the explosives business on your premises spell "Fireworks" wrong on their promotional signs?

From Dan: "Unauthorized operators will often have misspelled words on their signage because they either carelessly make them themselves or they purchase signs with errors at a deep discount."

2. Is the unknown operator smoking inside the tent on your property?

From Dan: "The #1 rule in the firework tent business is you don't smoke inside the tent. While not everyone is a smoker, if you see an operator smoking around the thousands of explosive items, it is a good sign they are not reputable."

2. Does the pyrotechnics tent blocking your driveway display a visible business license?

From Dan: "While they may not always be visible from a distance, a reputable operator will usually display a business license inside the tent. If not visible, homeowners are encouraged to ask to see it. If the operator resists or threatens to kick you out of their tent on your lawn, it is a clear sign that they are not authorized."

If you find that any or all of these signs describe your current situation, you are encouraged to call a local branch of the U.S. Fireworks Commission and report the incident.

To prevent damage to your property, it is not recommended that you confront the operator of the explosives tent yourself.

Experts advice homeowners to remain patient. Transient tent operators will typically begin moving along on July 5. Then it is just a matter of cleaning up their mess and repairing your lawn.

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