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Sad. 40-year-old man still calls parmesan 'stinky cheese'

Murfreesboro, TN - Sources are reporting today that Gary Evans, a husband, and father of two, is still calling parmesan"stinky cheese," even though he recently turned 40-years old.

An anonymous witness told reporters, "He even does it in public. He took me to a fine-dining Italian restaurant a couple of weeks ago for our anniversary and he asked the waiter in front of the entire restaurant for 'stinky cheese.' I was so embarrassed."

Further research into the phenomenon shows that Evans is not alone. For unknown reasons, a disproportionate number of middle-aged men still refer to the delicious topping as"stinky cheese." It is still unclear how pervasive this behavior is or if it also affects women in the same age group.

This is a developing story.

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