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5 celebrity puppies who have not aged well

While many Americans believe that famous canines are immune to the effects of time, not all celebrity puppies are so fortunate. Here are five adult dogs who are nearly unrecognizable from their younger selves.

Bebo (Air Bud 14)

After starring in the straight-to-video thirteenth sequel in the Air Bud franchise, Bebo blew his fortune on booze and bones. He now lives in his mother's owner's basement.

Sparky (104 Dalmatians)

Sparky fell into tough times after his role as an extra in 104 Dalmatians. Animal control documents suggest he began running with a L.A. street gang and began using drugs. He is now serving three months in an L.A. detention center.

Charlie (Hallmark's A Puppy for Christmas)

Charlie starred in the 2017 Hallmark Channel Christmas movie A Puppy for Christmas. After word got out that Charlie was difficult to work with on set, the canine actor struggled to get additional roles. He is now often spotted at the local Hollywood dog park.

Spudsy (Bud Light Commercials)

Son of Budweiser royalty Spuds Mackenzie, Spudsy failed to make a go of his own career. After living years in his father's shadow, he now roams the beaches of Malibu, living on scraps and the handouts of strangers.

Buster (Game of Thrones)

After working as a towns-dog for six seasons of Game of Thrones, Buster found it difficult to find work. He now lives a simple life on a farm in Nebraska.

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