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5 ways to save a butt load on mom this Mother’s Day

Save money on mom this Mother's Day

By Sir Cheapo -

Do you love your mom but don’t want to drop hundreds on her special day? Here are five ways to save a ton on the most important woman in your life:

1. See Her Saturday

Make up a good reason you can’t get together on Sunday, then treat your loving mother to one of the many FREE events this Saturday. Check out Musicians corner in Centennial park or the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival in Portland, TN. Sure, they probably won’t have the greatest entertainment, but you’ll save a bunch on ticket fees.

2. Free Brunch

A lot of Nashville motels offer a free breakfast spread. Grab a few empty suitcases and sneak that special lady through a side door. Tip the buffet lady a couple bucks and let mom pig out on waffles for next to nothing. If that’s not your style and you are a member of Sam’s Club, treat mom to a free brunch of samples available throughout the store. If she’s still hungry, the concession stand offers hot dogs and a drink for $1.50.

3. The Gift of Song

Instead of buying the woman who gave you life some fancy gift, commission a Mother’s Day song for her. There’s a good chance if you are reading this in Nashville, the person next to you is a songwriter. Lean over and ask them to write a song for your mom. Offer them $5 bucks or a cup off coffee and you are golden. Record it on your phone then share it with mom this weekend. Grab some toilet paper because mom is going to be overflowing with tears of joy and happiness.

4. It’s All in the Card

For many moms, the most important part of Mother’s Day is the card. These can run you up to $10, but not with a little creativity. Simply go to your favorite store and pick out the perfect card. Use your phone to take photos of both sides, then go to an office store and print it on a nice card stock. You’ll basically have the same card for around a buck. If you can print it at home or work, it's even cheaper!

5. No Flower Power

If your sweet mom is somewhat environmentally conscious, explain you didn’t get her flowers because of the horrible effects the picked-flower industry has on the environment. There are some great articles online you can printout and share with her. If that won’t fly, many local parks have beautiful flower displays. If you are an earlier riser, you may be able to snip a few before park rangers get there. Kroger will also discount flowers as they start to wilt.

Remember this Mother’s Day, it is the thought that counts. All she really wants is to know she is loved and that costs nothing.


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