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Vatican Study: 99% of Fathers won't receive card on Father's Day

Vatican City - A new Vatican study found that 99% of Fathers will not receive a card for Father's Day this year.

The results, which were released Friday, showed that of the 100,000 U.S. priests who were asked if they had received a greeting card in the last decade, less than 1,000 said they received one at any point in those years.

A researcher for Catholic Technologies Inc. told reporters, "It's sad that we have this holiday to honor the heads of our church families, and so few Fathers receive a simple card."

And the problem goes much deeper. A careful review of the greeting card aisle at a local supermarket will show there are few, if any, fitting for the clergy.

Custom cards can be ordered online, but statistics show most people don't buy their Father's Day cards until 7:00 p.m. the night before. Online orders rarely arrive in time for a Sunday service.

One Father, who did receive a card in 2012, told reporters, "Yes, I did get a handmade card from a little girl many years ago. And bless her heart, it wasn't very good. I hung it on the chapel fridge anyway."

Church officials say if it's too late to purchase a card for the Father in your life, you can always offer them a kind word of thanks or six-pack of Miller Lite.

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