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Aaron Rodgers assures critics ginormous left foot completely normal

Green Bay, WI- Aaron Rodgers has had a pretty tough couple of weeks. Between an illness, scandal, and fights with the media, the quarterback has managed to dodge every tackle.

On Tuesday, Rodgers addressed the latest rumors by baring his left foot on "The Pat McAfee Show" to prove he only has a fractured pinky toe, and nothing more serious."

Still, media speculation persisted.

So, Rodgers took to social media during Sunday morning breakfast with his family to show critics that his left foot is fine.

"I'm tired of the accusations, so let's set the record straight. I have a ginormous left foot, and that is completely normal. Big deal. Now, can I eat my pancakes?"

Fans reacted via social media, questioning if the giant foot was that big when he showed it off on Tuesday.

"Wait. It didn't look that big on the McAfee show. That doesn't look good. Is it swollen?"

"Someone needs to get him some help. A 40-inch left foot is not normal."

Despite the online medical community's advice, doctors have cleared Rodgers to play on Sunday. He will start against the Los Angeles Rams this afternoon.

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