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Abandoned Pizza Hut barely recognizable as Halloween store

Hermitage, TN - Costume shoppers in Hermitage, TN, were amazed to learn that the Halloween store they were browsing in was once an abandoned Pizza Hut location.

"No way. Really?" said one customer, "I noticed the filthy ovens but I just thought that was part of the decor. They did a great job of dressing the place up."

Another customer, dressed as Kylo Ren, told reporters, "I was wondering why everything smelled like pepperoni, but I thought it was just me. I'm not sure I would have figured that out myself."

The owner of the building said the location will continue to operate as a Halloween store until November 2, when it will be converted to a Christmas tree retailer for the holidays and a fireworks store for New Year's Eve.

Sources say that the property is expected to be purchased by an investment company in early 2020 and open as a 24-hour fitness center next spring.

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