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After 10, Tom Brady now just two Super Bowl rings away from complete finger coverage

Tampa, FL - Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is heading back to the Super Bowl. The Brady-led Buccaneers defeated Green Bay on Sunday, sending the legendary quarterback to his record-breaking 10th Super Bowl appearance.

Maybe even more impressive, that means Brady is now just two Super Bowl rings away from complete finger coverage on both hands.

Not everyone is celebrating. One man posted on social media, "Brady is such a cheater. Guess this explains why he's number 12, doesn't it? Go Chiefs!"

Many have speculated that the 43-year-old quarterback could retire after the 2020 season. Others suspect that he will play at least two more years to complete his collection.

"I think he'll play two more years, but maybe just one," said sports expert Barry Snifferoo. "As far as rings go, Brady may be satisfied with just one more, leaving one finger free for his wedding ring."

The Inquisitor reached out to Brady for comment but have not received a response.

Super Bowl will air on CBS on Sunday, February 7.

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