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Amid ingredient shortage, Taco Bell offering burritos stuffed with IOUs

Nashville, TN - Earlier this week, Taco Bell announced it is experiencing an unusual ingredient shortage due to unexpected delivery days. Amid the shortages, the taco chain is offering burritos stuffed with IOUs.

According to an online menu, the Tasty IOU Burrito comes in both 7-layer and supreme and is available in a variety of colors.

The restaurant hopes to expand the IOU menu line to tacos later this week once a shipment of shells hits stores around the country.

Customers who purchase IOU menu items will be issued an official voucher to return at a later date for a free item once the kitchen is fully stocked.

"Taco Bell has always been known for its menu innovation. The IOU menu line is our way of continuing that tradition during unprecedented shortages," said a spokesperson.

IOU Burritos are only for a limited time, while supplies are unavailable.

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