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Amid price hike, Dollar Tree quietly rebrands as Dollar Fifty Tree

Nashville, TN - Just hours after it was announced Dollar Tree would begin selling items over one dollar, the company quietly rebranded its stores as Dollar Fifty Tree.

In an unprecedented mobilization, Dollar Tree engineering crews worked overnight to update signage in over 15,000 locations.

One man posted a photo of the new storefront on social media Thursday morning, writing, "Wait. When did they change that? I swear it said Dollar Tree when I drove by late last night."

A company spokesperson told reporters, "If we are going to be a company of integrity, our name must match our price promise. So I'm excited to introduce Dollar Fifty Tree, where all items are $1.50 or less."

Sources say Dollar Fifty Tree is continuously monitoring inflation and actively designing "Two Dollar Tree" signage in the event costs continue to rise.

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr

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