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Annoyingly perfect Facebook family still posting photos from their perfect little Christmas

Franklin, TN - According to sources, an annoyingly perfect Facebook family from Franklin is still posting photos from their perfect little Christmas two days after the holiday.

On Thursday, the family of four shared their obligatory Christmas morning/matching pajama shots, followed by a "we're so in love" couples photo on Thursday afternoon.

Friday morning brought a photo of the family in matching Santa hats with the caption, "We hope your family's Christmas was as magical as ours! #perfectlittleChristmas #blessed"

The overall Facebook reactions were positive with lots of heart emojis and "too cute" comments, but sources say that private conversations among friends and family viewing the photos tell a different story.

One anonymous friend was overheard saying, "So fake. No one is that perfect. Doesn't he have a drinking problem?" Another friend said, "We get're happy. But it's Friday. Move on and let the rest of us enjoy our sad little lives."

A quick review of the family's posts show this is not the first photo session for 2019. Excessively happy photos were also posted for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, summer vacation, back-to-school, and Thanksgiving.

Friends say they are already bracing themselves for what the annoying family will post for New Years.

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