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Avoid the rush! 2020 Road Atlas available now

2020 Road Atlas - Ahead of its time?

Antioch, TN: We may only be a few days into the fall of 2019, but the 2020 Rand McNally Road Atlas is already available in stores. Dozens of people have been eagerly awaiting the upgraded edition but were surprised to see it in stores so early.

One customer, Bill Gibbons, 79, told reporters, "I'm so excited. I didn't expect this until mid-December. It's like getting a sneak peek into the future of our U.S. highway system three months early. I bought one for my entire family to avoid the rush."

A company spokesman told reporters, "We've had so much demand for the 2020 edition that we pushed our teams to release it early this year. We can't wait for drivers to see all the new roads and bypasses we have included. This atlas is truly ahead of its time."

The representative did encourage drivers to continue using their 2019 atlas until January 1, when the new road information goes into effect.

The Rand McNally Road Atlas is available in stores now, while supplies last.

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