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After man saves baby cub, grateful mama bear only rips off one of his arms

A Nashville man was hiking in Gatlinburg, TN, when he came across a baby cub stuck in a stream. He discovered the cub's paw was wedged under a large rock. It appeared that the cub could have easily freed itself if it had showed a little initiative, but it continued to cry out for someone to do it for him.

The man worked tirelessly for several seconds to lift the stone and remove the cub's limb from under its weight. Seconds after the cub was free, the mama bear returned. There was a brief standoff as the man tried to explain to the bear that he was only helping the cub. The mama bear seemed to understand parts and grunted her thanks. In a show of appreciation, she only ripped off one of the man's arms, instead of both.

The man was evacuated to a local hospital where his arm was reattached. He is expected to make a full recovery, but doctors expect his golf game will suffer as a result of the injury.

The mama bear and her cub are reportedly doing fine.

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