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Unsuspecting swimmer comes dangerously close to Baby Shark

Daytona Beach, FL - Vacationers got an unexpected visitor yesterday when a Baby Shark swam dangerously close to swimmers just feet from the Pinkfong Beach Resort.

Nashville resident and amateur photographer, Barry Giles, caught the terrifying incident on video while showing a friend his new drone. He told reporters, "First, I saw a flash of yellow, then a shadow move under the water. That's when I zoomed in and saw it heading toward the swimmer. I was shocked how close it got to the man. I don't think he even noticed. He was busy singing and dancing to something."

Two other people in the water nearby were also in danger but seemed unaware of the Baby Shark. Witnesses say they were also singing along to an unnamed song. Fortunately, no one was injured and all swimmers made it safely to shore.

Wildlife experts say it is unusual for Baby Sharks to come so close to humans but it is becoming increasing common. One Beach Ranger said, Those swimmers are lucky to be alive. Usually when you see a Baby Shark in the area, the rest of the family is in the vicinity as well. They like to hunt together, so we got very lucky today."

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