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Beach-going Grim Reaper forgot to pack sunscreen

Walton County, FL - According to witnesses, a beach-going Grim Reaper forgot to pack sunscreen while visiting the Florida Panhandle on Friday.

Sources say the famed harbinger of death embarrassingly strolled up and down the beach for an hour asking visitors if he could borrow some lotion.

One beach-goer described her encounter, "He like came up to me and asked if I had any SFP 100 sunscreen because he burns easily. Then, he turned me down when all I had was SPF 15. He told me I was going to get skin cancer."

Another man said the dark angel lectured him for twenty minutes on his aerosol spray and how he was killing the environment. "He said I was putting him out of work. That dude's a jerk."

Still, another vacationer added her story, "So I offered him some of my SPF 100 and he had the nerve to ask me if I would 'lotion him up.' He was super creepy."

Several others shared their tales including how the Reaper crashed a volleyball match and stole a beer from a cooler. Several police reports were filed, but he vanished before officers could engage.

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