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Best Buy to host huge TV sale so you can replace one you break on election night

Nashville, TN - This week, Best Buy will host a huge TV sale so Americans can replace the units they break during the election night coverage.

The Black Tuesday TV Extravaganza will kick off around 7:00 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, just as the polls begin reporting in, and will continue through the weekend.

A spokesperson for the company told reporters, "We recognize that many Americans will be disappointed with the results of the election and may accidentally take out their frustration on their TVs and electronics. We hope to help the country get back to normal with a wide variety of replacements at rock bottom prices."

Consumer analysts expect over ten million TVs will be damaged on Tuesday evening and predict Best Buy will see record sales for early November.

Apple and Samsung are also hoping to cash in by offering a "no questions asked" trade-in discount on replacement phones for cell phones destroyed on election night.

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