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Blue Origin crew goes above and beyond to make William Shatner feel at home in space

Van Horn, TX - Talk about a feel-good story of the day! According to reports, the Blue Origin crew is going above and beyond to make William Shatner feel at home in space.

Upon hearing that the 90-year-old actor was feeling nervous about the launch, each of the other three crew members underwent a cosmetic procedure on Tuesday night to make themselves more familiar to the famed Star Trek Captain.

"We heard William was nervous, and wanted to give back to him for all the joy he has brought us through the years," said one crew member. "We feel a little surgical procedure is the least we could do."

On Wednesday morning, the crew members revealed their new looks, just hours ahead of their 8:30 a.m. Central launch time.

Shatner was deeply moved by the act of kindness, saying, "We live many lifetimes in every moment, but none so sweet as this. Now, let us put away our fears and set forth unto the heavens. "

It is still unclear what he meant.

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