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Body-building burglar spends hour flexing for couple before stealing their treadmill

Body-building burglar

East Nashville - An East Nashville couple called the police Wednesday night when a muscular man in a ski mask broke into their home, struck poses for them for an hour, then took off with their treadmill.

Resident, Mary Cooper, told police, "Bill and I were watching TV when this attractive man with rippling muscles barged into the living room and began flexing for us. That's when Bill said call the police. So I grabbed my cell, took a couple pics and called 911 immediately."

Police reports show that Mary actually called the non-emergency hotline and officers arrived two hours after the call. Reports also show that Mary was unable to describe the intruder to a sketch artist at the time of the interview, but later reported he was wearing a ski mask after reviewing the photos with her girlfriends.

Bill Cooper confirmed Mary's details of the event adding, "I mean, he really wasn't that attractive. He was actually pretty gross with all those bulges. I guarantee he is on steroids."

In an interview with reporters, Mary was asked about the stolen treadmill. She said, "Oh that was just something Bill bought and has clearly never used. I'm glad to have my corner back." Bill clarified that he uses it often but has had a knee injury for the last eight months.

Mary also asked reporters to let anyone with information about the intruder know that they have lots of other barely-used exercise equipment in the garage and home office. It is unclear how that is relevant to the case.

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