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California to ban all gas-powered surfboards by 2035

Los Angeles, CA - Gov. Gavin Newsome announced on Wednesday that California will ban all gasoline-powered surfboards by 2035 in an effort to combat climate change.

Newsome told reporters, “If you want to reduce asthma, if you want to mitigate the rise of sea level, if you want to mitigate a loss of ice sheets around the globe, then we need to eliminate these carbon-spewing surfboards."

Surfers along the coast of California had mixed reactions. "Totally gnarly, dude." said one man from Venice Beach.

Another man told us, "Barney move, bro. Gov. Gavs can stop the engines, but he can't stop the waves."

Several surfers we spoke to said the move was "radical," but didn't specify if that was good or bad.

California is only the fifth state to ban gas-powered surfboards, behind Ohio, Indiana, Nevada, and South Dakota.

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