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Cool! Facebook planning local data center in Gallatin so they can also track us in person

Gallatin, TN – According to reports, Facebook is planning a new data center in Gallatin, TN, so they can also track Middle Tennesseans in person.

Experts say that while the company already knows about 95% of everything about its users through their self-disclosing posts and online monitoring, there is still room for improvement. One anonymous expert told The Inquisitor, "There are still times when devices are not in use or we go 'off the grid.' For example, when we sleep or take a shower. Having this local data facility will allow Facebook to fill in those missing pieces by in-person observations."

A group of local privacy advocates attempted to stage a protest on Friday afternoon but mistakenly used Facebook to organize the event. Only two protesters showed up and left within minutes of each other. They claim Facebook blocked their posts.

The Inquisitor sat down with our expert and the protest organizer, Charles Hammond IV, to discuss the situation. Hammond says his main objection is that Facebook doesn't have the right to watch us in our private moments, such as sleeping and showering. However, Hammond was visibly caught off-guard when the expert challenged him by asking, "Ummm. Have you read the Facebook user agreement?" Hammond said he has not.

Facebook said they are not ready to announce any official projects and asked the media to please respect their privacy. Please check back for updates.

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