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Costco may soon require non-members to wear pants to shop at food court

Nashville, TN - According to reports, Costco may soon require non-members to wear pants if they want to purchase items from their illustrious food court.

The news has deeply divided customers because members will still have the no-pant option, but non-members won't.

Current members have applauded the move, while non-members are speaking out on social media.

One pant-free advocate wrote via Twitter, "This is ridiculous. I've been going there without pants for years with no issue. Now, I'm not good enough for your hot dog special unless I'm a member?"

Another no-pant proponent suggests that the company is trying to increase memberships at the expense of non-members' personal freedoms.

"Basically, I can only be myself if I pay the $60 membership fee," a pant-less Chuck Wheatley told journalists. "Sounds kind of unethical to me. I think I'm going to speak to an attorney."

Reports have also been circulating that Sam's Club may soon take an even tougher stance by requiring both non-members and members to wear pants. However, a representative quickly quashed the rumor.

"I assure you this rumor is false," the spokesperson said. "We welcome both pant-less members and non-members at our food court."

Time will tell how Costco's policy will affect concession sales and if the warehouse will reconsider their decision.

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