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Couple who names kids after favorite snacks welcomes sixth child, CornNut

Nashville, TN - Nashville couple Steve and Sherry Dipp have named each of their five children after their favorite snacks. On Thursday, they welcomed their sixth child, baby CornNut.

"It really started as a joke when we named our first son Chip," the Dipps told reporters. "But, people liked it so much that we kept it going when we had our variety pack, as we call them."

Their "variety pack" turned out to be triplets, Frito, Cheeto, and Dorito. Their fifth child, Funyun (Fun), was born in 2018.

"Our running joke is that CornNut completes our snack pack. We're full," said Steve.

Both mother and baby are doing well, and the proud parents are looking forward to taking CornNut home to meet her siblings and the family pets, Bugle and Ruffles.

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