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Loyal QAnoner shows love for Trump by boycotting tires during drive to work

Florida - Loyal QAnon member Quentin Allen was driving to work on Wednesday morning when he heard the news that President Trump was calling for supporters to boycott Goodyear Tires.

According to reports, Allen immediately pulled over to the side of the highway, removed the Goodyear tires from his truck and set them ablaze on the shoulder. Then, Allen got back into his vehicle and drove south on I-75 shooting sparks down the interstate.

Police pulled Allen over ten minutes later, but documents suggest the officers were fellow QAnon believers. They called in the incident as a face alarm, but Allen was overheard by a dispatcher explaining Trump's Goodyear command to the troopers. A traffic camera shows the three destroying the Goodyear tires on the patrol car.

From there, the three members headed east and took down a COVID-causing 5G tower. They were last spotted at a local Discount Tire Discounters buying some Michelin's. At the time of this posting, all three are still at large.

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