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Dirty guy at Mud Run just there as spectator

Lebanon, TN - According to reports, a dirty man who many assumed was participating in the Nashville Tough Mudder this weekend was just there as a spectator.

The man in question, Gary Perkins of Watertown, was sitting on his couch Saturday morning when he saw the news coverage for the popular mud run at Neal Farms in Lebanon. "I thought, what the heck, I don't have anything better to do. Let's go check it out," Perkins told reporters. "I'm not a runner, but I can cheer people on."

Instead, Perkins said he was the one who felt cheered on as he walked along the road to find a good place to watch the race. Perkins told journalists, "Everyone was so friendly. They just kept giving me high fives and offering me little cups of water. If this is what it's like to watch, I can only imagine how it feels to be a competitor"

It is still unclear why Perkins was covered in filth, but eyewitnesses say they saw him climbing over a barrier and jumping into a mud pit after the obstacle course had been closed by the event staff.

Perkins was not available for further comment.

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