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Disney's Encanto may have a Bruno spinoff, but no one is talking about it

Hollywood, CA - People around the world are falling in love with the characters from Disney's Encanto. Maybe none more than loveable "black sheep" Bruno. So, it seemed like just a matter of time before Bruno would get his own film.

Now, according to one Disney influencer, he already has.

Disnutty12501 posted a Youtube video claiming that a friend has inside knowledge that Disney made a Bruno movie at the same time as Encanto. The video includes a leaked image that is presumably a poster for the secretive film.

"That's really all I know at this point," said Disnutty in the 12-minute clip. "I asked a friend who works for Disney about it, and all he would say is, 'We don't talk about Bruno.'"

Inquisitor Nashville reached out to Disney Animation directly for comment and only received a five-word response. You guessed it: "We don't talk about Bruno."

The rumor has left many speculating that the secrecy is all part of an elaborate marketing plan.

One Disnutty follower wrote, "I think their silence is all part of a marketing plan. I bet they'll just drop it on Disney Plus and never mention it."

Only time will tell, but right now, their lips are sealed.

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