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Driver spots one of Nashville's new license plate readers on interstate

Nashville, TN - Nashville native Jimmy Roland took to social media on Saturday to report one of the city's new license plate readers along the interstate.

The report comes just days after the city council approved a 6-month pilot of the controversial license plate reading program.

Roland wrote via Facebook, "Hey guys, if you are heading south on I-65, watch out for the license plate reader in the middle of the road. She's writing down everyone's plate numbers and she looks serious about it."

Another motorist reported a second reader along Briley Parkway on Saturday afternoon.

"Hey y'all, just saw one of the new LPRs on Briley near the airport. She's not messing around. Be safe."

Inquisitor Nashville dispatched our investigative reporter to interview the readers but could not locate either. City officials did not respond to our request for comment.

This is a developing story.

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