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Eastwest Airlines passengers ask pilot to stop AirDropping nudes while flying plane

Nashville, TN - An Eastwest Airlines pilot is in hot water this week after hundreds of passengers reported him for Airdropping nude photos of himself while flying the plane.

According to reports, passengers immediately began receiving the images when they boarded the flight bound for Cancun. The images continued to be transmitted throughout the 4-hour flight, even as flight attendants and air marshals attempted to break into the barricaded cockpit.

Not all passengers were upset with the nude images. One woman on board said she didn't mind the naked photos but wished he would not do it while flying the plane.

One celebrity passenger on the flight voiced support for the pilot. Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee told reporters, "I see nothing wrong with it. You keep being you, man. Sometimes you just need to express yourself. It's art."

The pilot was reportedly escorted off the plane by authorities upon landing in Mexico, and his employment was immediately terminated.

Sources say he will now be joining the Mötley Crüe world tour as pilot/road manager.

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