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Ellen hopes to improve toxic workplace with new trap doors and mud pit

Los Angeles, CA - After weeks of shocking reports by employees about a toxic work environment on the Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres has announced some improvements to the workplace when the crew returns after the pandemic.

According to sources, the talk show host is taking a hands on approach to fixing the company culture by enlisting her Game of Games producers to design elaborate trap doors and obstacles to engage employees when they return to work.

An anonymous staff member told reporters, "Ellen feels there's no better way to recapture the fun and light-hearted spirit of the Ellen Show than dropping unsuspecting staff members in a pit of mud or peanut butter. Of course, she is 100% committed to making sure all employees have an equal chance of participating."

Other reports suggest Ellen plans to fill the office with hidden cannons that will blast crew members with chocolate syrup and baking powder if they unknowingly say a daily "danger" word.

Along with the physical workplace changes, Ellen has reportedly committed to allowing employees to say "good morning" to her if they have worked for the show for more than three years.

Ellen did not respond to our request for comment.

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